We are in the process of producing videos about how XpertRule Software’s intelligent manufacturing tool XpertFactory assists manufacturers in creating advanced levels of efficiency and productivity in their plants.

SMEs and Net Zero

How expert advice and proper data acquisition and analysis can help SME manufacturers meet the challenge of Net Zero – and profit from it.

Prof Iain Crosley from XpertRule is joined by Roger Singleton from Riscon Solutions and Roger Halliwell from Op-tec Systems to discuss how smaller manufacturers can safely, effectively and economically advance their net zero ambitions.   

Net Zero at the heart of Manufacturing

Ayrshire-based global engineering company Booth Welsh work closely with XpertRule software to advance their ‘4-P’ mission of People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. The company are also cooperating with XR on the demonstrator project at the heart of the new National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, which opens in the summer of 2023. Here Aimee Doole and Gordon Semple from Booth Welsh discuss with XpertRule’s Iain Crosley and host Nick Peters how an integrated data policy is enabling them to achieve their goals.

Data and Net Zero

Manufacturing in the UK is under pressure as a consequence of a range of external factors, from Brexit, the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine. On top of that, they must plot their course to #NetZero. What emerges from this Manufacturing Xperts discussion is that embracing digital technologies not only gives manufacturers a way to plot their Net Zero journey but actually gives them a competitive edge and the means to maximise the efficiency of their existing processes.

Net Zero Insights with Lloyds Bank and XpertRule Software

Dave Atkinson, Head of Manufacturing at Lloyds Bank explains how the bank is helping SMEs overcome some of the challenges of Net Zero.

The future of AI in intelligent manufacturing: a conversation with Akeel Attar of XpertRule

Our first video features an interview with Akeel Attar, founder of XpertRule Software. 

Akeel tells the story of his early days in AI, when it was very much a niche pursuit for programmers, to today when it is an accepted tool for creating significant extra levels of efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing process.

The Digital Journey to Intelligent Manufactruring

In this second part of our series about the role of AI in Intelligent Manufacturing, we ask what is the best way for manufacturers to adopt digital manufacturing technologies? Professor Iain Crosley from XpertRule Software offers examples of manufacturers who have successfully used a ‘step-wise’ process to implementation, while underscoring the absolutely vital need to involving the workforce in every step of the process.

XpertFactory in Action

In the third part of our series about the role of AI in Intelligent Manufacturing we hear from manufacturers about the specific use cases where XpertRule Software’s XpertFactory has delivered major gains in efficiency and productivity. Professor Iain Crosley, manufacturing director at XpertRule, discusses what can be achieved by integrating AI into your business processes in terms of people, plant, process, products – and profit.