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Manufacturers embrace Net Zero but say more qualified young people still needed

Fully 92% of UK manufacturers believe they can achieve Net Zero by 2050, but while their people are rapidly gaining the green skills required, there is still a shortage of qualified young people entering the sector.

A new report by Make UK and Sage says the government must invest heavily in education and skills if the target is to be reached and if the 1.2m jobs the government itself says will be created by Net Zero are to become a reality.

Shropshire Petals

How Sage, together with Independent Software Vendor Qmulus, completely automated the order-processing system at biodegradable confetti producer Shropshire Petals.

This deployment of Sage200, customised by Qmulus, removed the total headache of having to devote staff time and effort entering orders from their website by hand.

Emergency Response

How Sage, together with Independent Software Vendor Sicon, enabled Yorkshire-based Redtronic to meet booming global demand for their visual and audible warning systems for emergency and safety services – through their Sicon-customised Sage200 software package.