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What skills does the UK need for its net zero electric future?

The UK is taking bold steps towards the electrification of the vehicle sector with work starting on two multibillion pound battery gigafactories in Northumberland and Coventry. 
But electrification of the economy needs more than that – it needs young people with the skills to implement the technologies that will drive the country’s Net Zero ambitions.
In this programme, an expert panel reviews the government’s National Electrification Skills Framework and Forum that will coordinate this national endeavour.

Scale Up Superstars

UK manufacturing’s response to the pandemic was nothing short of astonishing. Much of the attention has been focused on the Ventilator Challenge, in which the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, and its then CEO Dick Elsy, coordinated the manufacture of 14,000 ventilators for the NHS by engineers and companies working remotely.

But there were many other challenges that had to be met by manufacturers tasked with making the PPE desperately needed by frontline health workers, and in many cases, it was only possible because the HVM Catapult and its nationwide network of research centres stepped in to help them accelerate production.

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult Annual Review 2020/2021

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult says it wants to move the UK to be among the top 5 manufacturing nations by GVA by 2030.

This significant ambition is part of the Catapult’s Annual Review, just published.

The Review reports that the Catapult last year generated close to half a billion pounds’ worth of R&D and worked with close to 6,000 manufacturing companies.

We discussed this with Katherine Bennett CBE, the CEO of the HVM Catapult.