The ManufacturingTV documentaries

We are proud to announce an ambitious series of six programmes designed to highlight the challenges facing the sector – and to seek the solutions that will help manufacturers navigate the turbulent business environment created by multiple recent shocks to the global system.

The programmes are supported by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Sage.

Each 60-minute documentary is hosted by veteran manufacturing journalists Nick Peters and Jonny Williamson, with pre-recorded interviews providing expert testimony. Professor David Bailey from Birmingham Business School offers expert analysis.

Katherine Bennett CBE, CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, said: “If we are to deliver industrial transformation and drive economic growth, we must firstly understand the concerns of UK manufacturers. This series will help us find answers to some of the pressing questions facing the sector – whether that is energy costs, carbon emissions or future skills – before demonstrating how we can transform manufacturing together.”

ManufacturingTV’s Editorial Director Nick Peters said, “Our goal has always been to weave together the many and varied voices of the manufacturing sector. This series delivers that, providing new perspectives for manufacturers struggling to cope with an unprecedented array of external pressures and strong messaging that policymakers can and should listen to.”

The Schedule

Manufacturing at the Crossroads: An industrial Strategy – please!
The Road to Net Zero
Skills: Can UK manufacturing survive a weak skills base this much longer?
Innovation: Bridging the Valley of Death
Energy: Achieving stability in a chaotic energy market
Trade: Maximising opportunities in a complex trading world